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ICE Professionals was created to ensure that Emerging Talent had a support system when growing their career, both locally and internationally. We can help you in identifying your passion and key competencies, build your Career Path and succeed in whatever you do. ICE creates and offer internships and graduate programs with some of NZ’s most outstanding SME’s and world’s largest MNC’s. We also work in the Young Professional space, where we can help you take the next step in your Career, working with companies that will grow and mentor you. We also support talent with Career advisory, CV preparation & Interview Workshop services.  

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Are Your Company's Benefits Up to Scratch?

Quick! Name the top 3 benefits of working with your company! If you hesitated or realised that you had to scrape the barrel to find all 3 benefits then you need to do something about it because it could be having a significant impact on your recruiting efforts - not to mention on your ability to retain your staff. A Google Consumer Survey found that 33% of people had turned down a job opportunity because of a lack of benefits. This goes to show just how important benefits...

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