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Days are getting warmer and Christmas is so close you can almost taste it! It is an exciting and often busy time of year. While many businesses are winding down in preparation for the Christmas shut down period, others are frantically attending to last minute client requests. Along with a change in pace, this is also the time of year when your company has a chance to show real appreciation for its employees. While Christmas is a chance to do something special, appreciation should be shown all year round and there are many other opportunities to celebrate with your employees. Whether it is by providing afternoon tea, taking staff out for dinner & drinks or organising a family day out, all of these events provide an opportunity for your staff to relax, enjoy themselves and socialise with each other. Why is this so important? 1. It is simply a nice thing to do and shows that you appreciate and care about the happiness of your staff, 2. Happy people are much more likely to stay with your company, and 3. People who feel socially connected with their colleagues tend to feel more satisfied in their workplace and sometimes they need the opportunity to interact in a more relaxed environment outside of working hours to find that connection.

Organise a celebration that suits the culture of your organisation and that supports the values that you represent. While something that your friend’s company did might sound like fun, not every event will be appropriate! For example, if you have a staff filled with 20- somethings then organising a family day out might not be an ideal choice. Choose something that you know your employees will enjoy and that you will be proud to showcase to your clients and future staff. The festive season provides plenty of opportunities to build your company culture and create lasting (and shareable) memories. It is valuable for potential employees to see how you celebrate together whether that be via a post on social media or a photo on your website. This allows them to decide if your company has the kind of culture that they could thrive in. It also shows them that they will be joining a fun team who enjoy working together, which is one of the most important factors that a potential employee will consider when deciding if they should make a move to your company or not.

It is also important to celebrate birthdays, milestones, achievements and other special occasions throughout the year. This allows you to build your culture all year round and ensures that there is a healthy dose of fun in your workplace! Whatever you decide to do with your employees, have fun and make positive memories that you can share for years to come.