Winternz Wednesday - Super Bowl & Travel

One of the added benefits of the Winternz Programme is not only the valuable work experience that you gain but also the exposure you get to a new culture and the opportunity to explore a new country. Our interns and graduates are working hard...

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Winternz Wednesday - More new arrivals to the Valley!

While everyone in New Zealand is starting to prepare for the Summer, we've just had two more interns start their internships in the Silicon Valley! The experience of working for a high growth start up has more than made up for missing another beautiful...

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ICE Talent - Congratulations!

Congratulations to all those students who graduated a few weeks ago - now is when the fun stuff begins! Many of you will find yourselves even more stressed out than you were during exams because now you actually have to work out what you...

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Winternz Wednesday - Attitude vs. Experience

Everyone knows that the Winternz Programme is an awesome opportunity, but how can you ensure that your application is successful? The first thing to understand when you apply is that you do not need to have prior industry experience to gain a place in...

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ICE Talent - Check your voicemail!

Following on from last week’s post about answering your phone, check your voicemails! I don’t just mean listen to new messages, but also check that you have an appropriate message that people hear when they ring you. While getting tricked by people's answering machines...

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Winternz Wednesday - Getting applications ready!

Now is the time to start thinking about what you want to do over the Summer or next year if you are graduating soon! Internship and graduate programmes are starting to open and the Winternz programme will also be launching soon. While this might...

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ICE Talent - Tips for Online CVs

What if I told you that you could land yourself a job offer simply by signing up to a social networking account? Regularly updating and checking your online CV is one of the easiest things you can do to help your job search....

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