ICE Talent - Check your CV & Cover Letter!

We all know that grads are applying for everything they can, and rightly so! Casting your net wide is a very smart thing to do because if you put all of your eggs in one basket then you risk being unemployed for a...

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ICE Talent - Phone Interviews

Answer your phone!! I know many of us feel uncomfortable about answering our phone when we see an unknown number but if you are currently applying for jobs then make sure you always answer your phone! Always assume that the person on the other...

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ICE Talent - What's all the nonsense about Generations?

I – Generation, millennials, Generation Y, Generation X, Generation Z, baby boomers... what does it all mean? There are literally thousands of articles written with opinions and commentary about the generations about what they want and need to be productive and how you can...

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Craig Winternz

Winternz Wednesday - The Winternz Story

ICE has been harping on about the Winternz Programme for nearly 2 years now and this is because we think it's an exciting initiative that everyone should be involved with! But do you know how and why the Winternz Programme started? It was founded...

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ICE Talent - The Business Case for Hiring Graduates

When I first heard someone from senior management utter the words “Do you think we really need to hire graduates and run a  graduate programme?”  I felt immediately uneasy; “Of course we do, it’s a no brainer” I replied quickly fearing for the security...

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mission SF

Winternz Wednesday - Update on the interns!

With the end of Summer, many of our interns are returning from their 3-month stint in the valley. For many, this is bittersweet as while they are looking forward to seeing their family and friends again, they are also sad to leave the new...

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