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You worked hard all year and took the summer off as a well-deserved break. But now what? You find yourself forced into the world of CVs, job ads and interviews, and let’s face it, the job hunt becomes more and more daunting the longer you put it off. How do you tackle this when you have been out of the game for so long?

1 - Get into a routine. Ok, some might say that waking up at noon and relaxing at the beach all day is a routine, but you will find it very difficult to make it work for you in the world of employment. Start by ensuring that you do what you need to do in order to be productive. Whether that be waking up super early and hitting the gym first thing in the morning or waking up at a reasonable hour and starting your day by meeting a friend, just make sure that your routine will allow you to say yes to a 9am interview without hesitating because you are worried that you will sleep through your alarm!

2 – Put yourself out there! Let it be known to friends and family that you are on the hunt for a new role as this often leads to valuable tips & recommendations. Also, don’t be afraid to apply for many opportunities. Get used to the idea that it is normal to be rejected for a role and don’t let that stop you. It is very unlikely that you will land the first role that you apply for so cut yourself some slack and keep your options open. Just make sure that you put real effort into each application, keep track of all of them and always have a clear idea of why you are applying for a particular role otherwise you will waste both your time and your potential employer’s time.

3 – Consider fixed-term opportunities. If you still don’t know where to start your career, then it might be a good idea to look at fixed-term contracts. These allow you to try things without committing yourself to a role or a company that might not suit you. Fixed-term contracts can often turn into something more permanent so if you love it, then you could be in luck! Whether it is a 1-day gig or a job for the rest of your life, you should put in the same high level of effort because you never know when you might need a reference or an introduction later on.

The sooner you start the job hunting process, the easier it will be and you will start to wonder why you put it off for so long!