3 Ways to Promote your Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is one of the most important factors that candidates consider when they are choosing a new role, particularly for millennials. They want to be able to get a feel for the type of environment that they will be working in so that they can figure out whether they will make a good fit. This can be very difficult to show to someone in a 1 hour interview that only allows time for a quick whip around the office. Anyway, candidates should feel comfortable that they know the type of place it is before they even reach this point! But how can you give candidates an insight into your workplace?

1 - Regular updates

Cool stuff happens at work, right? Whether it’s a birthday or a team bonding exercise or a particularly Instagram worthy afternoon tea, a quick photo with a catchy caption uploaded to your social media accounts gives potential candidates insight into how you celebrate the little things and what life could be like on a daily basis. These quick updates can also apply to content generated outside the company as well. When you post a link to an interesting article or video, viewers will get a sense of your company’s interests and how you interact with others outside the company.

2 - Employee Profiles

What better way to promote the culture of your workplace than through the people who are actively contributing to it? Again, this could be a post on your social media account but it would be beneficial to have a permanent place for these profiles on your website too. It doesn’t need to be an in-depth interview about who they are & what they do but allow your employees to have some fun with it and come up with an interesting story or a fun fact about themselves that they are comfortable sharing with the world. This introduction to the team gives credibility to your claims about how great the workplace culture is and allows potential candidates to see how they might fit into your current team.

3 - Events

Large or small, company events should be documented throughout the year in your regular updates. Events are also an opportunity for you to invite potential candidates to be part of your company before they have officially joined you. Think about the type of candidates you are trying to attract and design a relevant event from there. Whether you want to have an open house with a yummy morning tea in the middle of hiring season or you want to run a free seminar or workshop at the local university, there are many ways you can provide opportunities for people to get to know your company & your team.

The above suggestions are based on the assumption that you already have a great workplace culture that is just waiting to be shared. If this is not the case, then you need to do something about it immediately. A strong workplace culture will increase the job satisfaction of those who are working in it, which leads to an increase in productivity. So not only will it help you attract new recruits but it will improve the output of your current employees!

Culture fit is so important but it can be so difficult to gauge and we all know how terrible it can be when you hire someone who is the wrong fit. When you start to build a clear picture of your workplace culture through the above suggestions, you will find that candidates can weed themselves out if they think that they will not be a good fit. Put some effort into your strategy now and you could save yourself some heartache in the future!

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